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Michael’s conference keynote presentations are regularly rated as the highlight of the conferences he is invited to. He is a gifted speaker who weaves an amazing corporate career into his storytelling in a way that connects with, inspires, empowers and challenges his audiences.

Today leaders and conference organisers are looking for more than just a motivational spiel from their guest speakers. Michael will leave people with a greater level of curiosity to explore what is really possible for them and with an understanding of how to begin unlocking the power of their minds.

Throughout his career he has worked and become friends with some of the most successful people on the planet. He explores his insights in a very entertaining and thought provoking way while at the same time sharing his own journey with vulnerability, honesty and courage.

If you are interested in discussing how Michael could help to entertain, inspire and challenge your conference participants, click on ‘Book Mike’ and he will be in contact shortly.

Those who achieve the outcomes they desire have developed a strong sense of
themselves. They know who they are. Most people though have not done the
work necessary to build a strong sense of themselves, nor have they decided on
who they stand for being.


Ever wondered what it really takes to succeed in life? Those who have achieved their own success in life know that following the path of luck and chance is full of dead ends, failed journeys and disappointments. Success is a result of application and effort. What enables successful people to achieve their desired goals and more where so many others have come up short is their strength of mind, their strength of self and the simple clarity with which they see life. THE POWER WITHIN shares the insights from two very different successful people. One, a living legend who has harnessed this power to create an extraordinary life and the other who as a result of many years spent understanding how to access his potential and then teaching this to others has been able to transform his own life in a profound way.

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“Michael has captured so much in this book that will help you regain freedom from your own self doubt. I have a huge respect for Michael and the friendship he has given to so many CBA staff.”


What we think manifests itself in our lives.
Some people have learnt the power of consciousness;
being more in control of their thoughts and they
get what they want and more from life.
Many unfortunately haven’t and don’t…

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